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How many tonnes of waste is generated per day in our Country?

Over 1.7 lakh tonnes of waste is generated per day in the country . Wet organic waste accounts for 70-75% of total waste generated from households and Indian garbage on an average consists of around 85% organic matter! Only 80% of waste generated is collected and just 28% of that quantum is processed. India's neglected waste management crisis can cause deadly consequences.

How can the wet waste be recycled/reused?

The best method to recycle/reuse the wet waste is to compost it and use it as a manure/fertilizer to the soil.

What is composting?

Composting is the natural process of decomposition and recycling of organic material into a humus rich soil amendment known as compost. For any business or institution or apartment producing food waste, this organic material can be easily decomposed into high quality compost.

What is a compost?

Compost is a mixture of decayed organic material with rich nutrients that can be used to fertilise the soil. Compost is usually made by gathering plant material, such as leaves, grass clippings, etc, food waste and vegetable peels, and subjecting it to decomposition by aerobic bacteria, fungi, and other organisms.

How can the compost be used?

The compost is very rich in soil nutrients and shall be used as fertiliser or manure.

How is compost beneficial to the environment?

1. Helps in water and soil conservation. 2. Protects groundwater quality. 3. Minimizes odors from agricultural areas. 4. Avoids methane production and leachate formation in landfills by diverting organics from landfills into compost. 5. Prevents erosion and turf loss on roadsides, hillsides, playing fields and golf courses. 6. Drastically reduces the need for pesticides and fertilizers. 7. Binds heavy metals and prevents them from migrating to water resources, being absorbed by plants, or being bioavailable to humans. 8. Facilitates reforestation, wetlands restoration, and wildlife habitat revitalization efforts by amending contaminated, compacted and marginal soils.

How is the compost beneficial to agriculture?

1. Long-term stable organic matter source. 2. Buffers soil pH levels. 3. Adds organic matter, humus and cation exchange capacity to regenerate poor soils. 4. Suppresses certain plant diseases and parasites and kills weed seeds. 5. Increases yield and size in some crops. 6. Increases length and concentration of roots in some crops. 7. Increases soil nutrient content and water holding capacity of sandy soils and water infiltration of clay soils. 8. Reduces fertilizer requirements. 9. Restores soil structure after natural soil microorganisms have been reduced by the use of chemical fertilizers; compost is a soil innoculant. 10. Increases earthworm populations in soil. 11. Provides slow, gradual release of nutrients, reducing loss from contaminated soils. 12. Reduces water requirements and irrigation. 13. Minimizes odors from agricultural areas

What is RapiDigester?

RapiDigester is a fully automated smart machine that converts wet waste into compost within 24 hours.

What's special about RapiDigester?

1. Small and Compact 2. Full automated machine, hence easy to operate 3. No foul odour 4. Easy programmability 5. Reduced power consumption 6. Improved reliability 7. RapiDigester will automatically resume in case of power disruption 7. Compact control system

What can be composted in RapiDigester?

1. Fruits & vegetables 2. Food waste 3. Poultry & fish 4. Egg & Crab shells 5. Bakery food 6. Garden waste 7. Chicken & meat 8. Fast food

What cannot be composted in RapiDigester?

1. Rubber, metal and glasses 2. Bones 3. Batteries & Cigarettes 4. Coconut shells 5. Plastics 6. Medicines, chemicals and sanitary wastes

What support & services does RapiDigester offer?

1. Free Live Demo before purchase. 2. Our well trained field service engineers will provide adequate training during installation. 3. We are best known for our after sales support. Just a phone call, our engineers are pleased to serve you best!!! 4. We offer 1 year warranty, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), Annual Comprehensive Service Contract (ACSC). 5. We also offer rental services in RapiDigester.